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What’s up, I’m L. Malik Anderson, a blogger, journalist, and media producer who loves to represent life in all facets. After all, representation is important. When I write, I cover topics including the news, entertainment, media representation of people of color, queer issues and features.

In June 2014, I began a multi-summer internship with Wisconsin Public Radio through the Emma L. Bowen Foundation exploring different aspects of media like audio engineering, online content, development and talk-show producing. I completed the fellowship in August 2016. Through producing, I learned how to blend my interest in television-film and journalism by capturing critical dialogues surround the context of our media in society. I view the world through a variety a lens; blackness, queerness, multiculturalism and social justice. I never default to one perspective of humanity.

Published articles and features I have written appeared in  The Cap Times, Madison Commons, The Madison Times, Madison 365, Wisconsin Public Radio, and on Blavity.

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Ongoing Projects

Brown Sugarhqdefault

This is a series of videos surrounding the work of black and brown artists. The Brown Sugar project was created to highlight representation of people of color in media and arts while creating new dialogues.

Non-Hip Web Series

Non-Hip follows recent college graduates Aldo Duarte and Malik Sanders as they navigate relationships, professionalism and “actual adulthood.” One is Dominican chef and the other is a queer black freeloader. Both characters struggle with embracing their true selves, dropping old habits, and finding new visions for their lives in the process.

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