The Black List: Sunday, March 12- Saturday, March 25, 2017

***Spoiler Alert: This piece contains information about the plot and narratives from episodes aired within the last two weeks of television.***

24: Legacy

Eric persuades Shalowitz to help him in a plan that could get both of them killed in order to save Eric’s wife Nicole and Brother Isaac while stopping the terrorist. Nicole and Isaac escape but return with their gang to save Eric after their plan to erase the hard drive fails. The Director of National Intelligence gives orders to Mullins to execute a surgical air strike on the compound, which will kill everyone including Shalowitz and Eric. Eric recognizes one of the jihadists, Asim Naseri. Eric and Shalowitz survive the strike and secure the drive. The CTU arrest a wounded Jadalla. Naseri escapes.


The Breaks

Barry Fouray sends Nikki Jones to Philadelphia to track down an artist scheduled to go on tour but no one can get in contact with. After convincing a gay rapper struggling after being outed during a rap beef to not commit suicide, Nikki grows closer to Lil Ray. They began to heat up their relationship a little, but the night ends in tragedy as David is killed during a shootout at a club. A distraught Nikki returns to work as Barry attempts to get ahead of a public relations crisis. Damita publishes an unflattering piece about Barry for The Village Voice. After a Nikki has an outburst, attacking the perpetrator rapper Rex Boogie during a press conference Barry fires her. Ahm reveals a softer side after helping a friend with her infant. DeeVee produces D.Rome’s next track.

Being Mary Jane

After finding a credible source for their expose of a judge nominated for supreme court justice, Justin and Mary Jane return to their jobs. Justin strategizes a plan to get Rhonda out of the anchor chair and Mary Jane in. Lee declines his ex-wife’s request to be her sperm donor. Lee and Mary Jane are still uncertain about their future with each other. After a heated argument, the two call it quits. Mary Jane sleeps with Justin. Justin’s plan to get Rhonda out of the anchor chair works, but Rhonda gets Kara suspended for not vetting a source properly. Kara’s relationship with Orlando goes public. The season ends with a now-single Mary Jane Paul anchoring Great Day USA with Lee and Justin spectating behind the scenes.


This was the season four finale.



Bow conceals her pregnancy from her coworkers in the hospital in order to remain in the running for partner. Dre considers paternity leave but his coworkers make fun of him for it. Ruby convinces the kids that the nanny is stealing from them and sets a trap to capture her.



Hunter bails Jahil out of jail. An excited Cotton prepares for her gender reassignment surgery. After finding out about Jahil’s arrest, Big Trouble uses this a a loophole in their contract drop him for Big Boi. Star finally opens up to Simone about her abuse. Star confronts Hunter before the competition who tries to trap her inside his house. Fortunately, a worried Simone rescues her injuring Hunter in the process. Eva cuts a last minute solo deal with Big Boi before their final performance in the Atlanta NextFest competition. The group, now managerless, must perform without Eva. After a shocking and eventful evening, Big Trouble wins the competition. Carlotta agrees to manage them and change their name (because they needed a new name). Hunter looks for Jahil at his apartment but finds Eva instead who seduces him. Cotton’s family reunites to attend her gender reassignment surgery and escort her to the operating room but Cotton wakes up in handcuffs. After Cotton’s procedure, Jahil returns home to find Hunter’s corpse over Eva’s after traffickers massacred the two in search of Jahil. Jahil breaks down in tears at the sight of his godson’s lifeless body on top of his girlfriend.

This was the season one finale. Fox renewed Star for a second season on Feb. 22.



The rivalry between Tianna and Nessa continues as Andre prepares to kill his father with the help of Shine. Jamal meets another recording artist Tory Ash in rehab. The two escape to make music together. Cookie strikes back at Lucious for discrediting Angelo, apart of their war for control over Empire. Thirsty gets Xavier fired for Becky. Luscious announces a new album, “Inferno” and places Anika in charge of A&R. Cookie destroys Luscious’ office and hit records in a rage. The two make out.



An epic flashback episode reveals Papa Pope found love with an old colleague only to put a bullet in her forehead to prevent a new cold and mysterious enemy from demanding he assassinate president-elect Francisco Vargas. After learning the group has eyes and ears surrounding Olivia, he agrees. After finding out her father framed Cyrus, Olivia demands Huck kill her father. After a series of events, Huck believes Eli Pope is in trouble but Olivia does not believe him. Huck, questioning his sanity and associates, attempts to find the mole. He follows Quinn and Charlie to a hotel room where Jake Ballard is hosting Vargas’ staffer Jennifer Fields. After finding the body of Eli’s lover, Huck finds footage of the mysterious group proving their is a bigger conspiracy behind Vargas’ murder to Olivia. Olivia calls off the hit on her father, but Huck is unfortunately betrayed by his girlfriend who is working under Abby’s orders.