The Tale of Heroes and Villains: Sunday, March 5- Saturday, March 18, 2017

***Spoiler Alert: This piece contains information about the plot and narratives from episodes aired within the last two weeks of television.***


Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Clary is rescued but Valentine holds Simon as leverage for his escape. Valentine uses Madzie to take over the institute. The entire down world searches to kill Clary as they are under the belief she is the only one who can activate the Soul Sword, killing everyone with demon blood, but Luke convinces his pack to follow an alternative plan. Jace plans to sacrifice himself believing he has demon blood that will destroy the sword. Isabel continues to struggle with an addiction to vampire venom while in a toxic relationship with Raphael. She eventually decides to part ways with him and help those at the institute. Valentine tricks Jace (who shapeshifter a as Clary) into entering the institute. He saves a bleeding out vampire Simon with his shadowhunter blood. Luke convinces the other downworlders to join his pack in battle. In the end, many are killed as Jace learns he is the one with pure angel blood after activating the sword. Valentine tries to escape but is captured and taken to the clave, revealing Clary and Jace aren’t siblings. A mysterious figure walks off with the Soul Sword. Simon surprises Clary by surviving daylight. Alec tells Magnus he loves him after fearing for his safety.

Shadowhunters won’t return until June 5th.


The Flash

Savitar continues to mess with Wally from the Speed Force. Wally fails to tell the rest of the group. Barry proposes to Iris in an attempt to change the timeline and prevent her death. He does this without asking permission from Joe. Iris calls off the engagement after finding out the real reason Barry proposed to her. Savitar manipulates Wally into freeing him from the Speed Force, causing Wally to take his place. Jay Garrick helps Barry save Wally from the Speed Force, sacrificing himself in the process. Jesse Quick tries to go after Savitar alone. The team realizes he has a weakness.


The Magicians

A pregnant Julia does whatever to get rid of the demigod inside her, convincing Quintin, Margo, Elliot and Penny to help her rob a bank along with Katie. They successfully obtain gold for Fillory and to make a payment on Julia’s magical abortion, but the operation leaves her without her shade. She is no longer Julia anymore. Margo attempts to maintain control over the kingdom’s affairs while Elliot is recovering from his injuries sustained from the bank robbery mission. Alice tries to free herself warning Quinten they could both die as humans are not meant to host niffins.


The 100

Raven runs simulations in the lab to determine if she and Abby can survive a journey to space to produce nightblood in order to save mankind from death by radiation. Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan leave a damaged Arcadia to deliver the remaining fuel to Raven for the mission into space. Meanwhile, Arcadia is descending into chaos. Octavia continues to grieve over Lincoln’s death. After finally finding a way to make it back from space using the all of the remaining fuel from Arcadia, Clarke informs them that a barrel was lost.



After discovering two powerful psyches with extraordinary mutant abilities live within David’s mind, the team must come up with a new approach to helping him. David saves his sister brutally killing many Division 3 agents in the process, but Lenny Busker AKA Shadow King (Aubrey Plaza) takes over David’s mind. David and the others are trapped as patients in Clockworks where Lenny is the psychiatrist. Lenny tells David she can no longer deal with his need for love and plans to take over the universe, leaving David’s mind at waste. David’s psyche is not suppressed and he is no longer in control of his own body.


The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie, after discovering she does indeed have magic uses all of her strength and the power of generations of Bennett witches to contain hell fire in the tunnels under Mystic Falls in an epic display of black womanhood/ witch- hood. Damon plans to make sure he and Katherine go down in flames under the city in its tunnels. Stephan, atoning for his mistakes tricks Damon into believing he is compelled but instead injects him with his blood which contains the cure. In one last act of heroism, he sacrificed himself so his brother can live a happy human life with Elena. Caroline leaves a message for him saying she understands going on to start a school for supernatural children with Rick. Bonnie travels the world keeping Enzo in spirit, literally. Oh, and after finally breaking the spell, Elena is free to become a doctor making her last diary entry near Stephen’s tomb.

This is the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.


The Originals

Klaus is locked up all alone in the dungeon where Marcel placed him. Five years have passed. Marcel reigns over New Orleans’ vampires while Vincent leads the covens. Hope, now a young witch, is coming into her power, but trouble stalks New Orleans. Klaus’ old enemies have come to visit on his anniversary of his downfall. Of course, Marcel conspires with Klaus to put an end to this threat. Hayley awakens Freya who wakes Elijah. There’s a new evil among the witches.