The Black List: Sunday, February 26- Saturday, March 11, 2017

***Spoiler Alert: This piece contains information about the plot and narratives from episodes aired within the last two weeks of television.***


24: Legacy

Eric Carter goes a rogue on a mission to find a lead on Jadalla Bin-Khalid’s people. After convincing CTU Director Mullins to send a tactical team to stand by, Carter and Ben Grimes visit arms dealer Gabriel. Gabriel tests Carter by demanding him to kill Grimes. Gabriel is impressed by Carter’s loyalty to his squadmate but shoots Grimes anyway leaving him in his own pile of blood. After the CTU tactical team moves in on Gabriel and his team, he cuts his own throat, but luckily they are able to recover Jadalla’s address from his laptop. Unfortunately Jadalla is made aware of the shootout. After leaving her brother Khasan and their partner Harris dead, Amira detonates bombs killing at least 100 civilians. Nicole and Isaac are abducted.


The Breaks

Nikki suggests D-Rome performs on stage with singer Keith Sweat. Barry Fouray hopes this move will help transition Fouray Management into a record label. Industry executive Mattie Taylor takes an interest in Nikki. Ahm lets DeeVee off the hook after realizing he didn’t tell the police anything about his whereabouts during the murder of a rival dealer’s crewmember. Nikki breaks up with David after realizing he would hold her back from achieving her goals in the Hip Hop industry. Barry hosts auditions for the next Fouray artist. Nikki attempts to convince Imani X (Teyana Taylor) to audition. DeeVee competes in a DJ competition and makes it to the final round.


Being Mary Jane

Someone leaks a fake quote to TMZ positioning Mary Jane as Ronda’s rival to the public. Justin prepares MJ for an interview with Judge McAlister for Good Day USA. Justin pushes MJ to question McAlister’s possible prejudices in previous cases after receiving a tip from a source he refuses to identify. The interview doesn’t go as plan leading to both Justin and MJ’s suspension, also putting Kara and MJ on opposite sides. MJ meets Lee’s children and ex-wife who asks for Lee to be the sperm donor of her and her girlfriend’s next child.



In last week’s episode, Bow tries to get a black doll for Diane, but protests the lack of representation of role models for young black girls. Dre confronts his own colorism, preferencing light skinned black people. Ruby trains Junior to be her spades partner for a competition.



As Star goes on a hiatus, “The Black List” picks up Empire for biweekly recaps beginning March 26.



Big Trouble (Star, Simone, Alex, and Eva) is named one of the top five groups in the competition. Jahil learns that Cotton is his daughter from Carlotta after a drunk Cotton tries to kiss him. Hunter buys Star a new home. Derek is left paralyzed after an accident. Alex finds out she is pregnant. After Michelle stole her money and fled to Los Angeles, Cotton hustles to come up with the money for her gender reassignment surgery.  Hunter punches Star after she tells him she won’t give up going on tour to stay with him. Jahil is arrested after the police found Otis’ blood in his car.



Olivia prepares Jake for an interview with Sally Langston. After Jake’s “wife” Vanessa fails to appear for the interview after she drove drunk and crashed, Olivia has to reschedule. Vanessa is just so convinced that Olivia and Jake are having an affair, but Olivia fell too in love with the oval to even entertain Jake. However, Jake was taking mysterious calls from a strange woman who we learn was actually Vargas’ campaign videographer. The conspiracy behind Vargas’ assassination is deeper than we think. There is a chain of command that has Rowan trembling to follow orders. Who can Big Bad Papa Pope possibly be afraid of?