The Tale of Heroes and Villains: Sunday, February 19- Saturday, March 4, 2017

***Spoiler Alert: This piece contains information about the plot and narratives from episodes aired within the last two weeks of television.***

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Simon tells Clary he loves her. The two share a kiss. Alec and Isabel’s mother returns to the institute for their little brother Max’s tune ceremony. Magnus hosts a party celebrating Max’s rune ceremony for Alec. The entire group is placed under a spell by a warlock forced to steal Magnus’ spell book. Iris, the witch who tried to steal the book and bound Clary to a blood oath after failing to resurrect her mother demands Clary find Madzie, a young warlock Iris raised. This turns out to be a trap. Clary is captured by Valentine.


The Flash

Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Julian travel to Earth-2 to rescue Wells from Grodd who now resides in Gorilla City after Jesse Quick returns to Earth-1 worried about him. This all turns out to be a trick to get Barry help Grodd overthrow Gorilla City’s leader and lead the gorilla’s into war on Earth-1’s Central City. Barry and the team manages to escape after The Flash plays dead. Wally contemplates telling Jesse how he feels about her, but first they must a stop a metahuman that can control gravity. Grodd uses a meta human named Gypsy with Cisco’s abilities to travel his army to Earth-1. Team Flash must stop him from destroying any and everything in Central City. Ultimately, The Flash convinces the previous leader of Gorilla City to help him stop Grodd and return the army to Earth-2. After, Grodd is defeated The Flash sends him to A. R. G. U. S.


The Magicians

Alice returns to Quintin as a niffin, bound only to him. After attending a gathering hosted by her grieving parents, he tries to bring her peace but fails. High Queen Margo declares war on a neighboring kingdom with a sexist prince. Julia and Katie track down a lead on the woman who first banished Raynard, discovering she birthed his child.


The 100

After King Roan advances on Skaikru, a severely injured Octavia returns to Arcadia to warn the others. They develop a plan to negotiate more time while Raven’s leftover traces from A. L. I. E. are helping her develop a nightblood serum to save humankind from radiation exposure. Abby warns her she could die in the process. Raven chooses to go on. After a grounder who lost his family to The City of Light infiltrates Arcadia, he burns the ship to the ground leaving nothing for Skaikru and The Ice Nation to fight over.



After pressure to save his sister from Division 3, David Melonie decides to speed up his training. David goes into a coma after doing some memory work, trapping himself in his own brain. The mutants go on a mission to learn more about his past, deciphering what is real and what is not. They discover a being infiltrated David’s psyche at a young age, making him forget each time he interacts with him. The being manipulates himself into waking up, transporting himself in the middle of the crew’s mission allowing one of the agents to go free.


The Vampire Diaries

Well, this is the end- almost. But it’s getting there. Katherine makes one final gesture to end Mystic Falls by burning it in hell fire after manipulating Cade to walk right into his demise by the Salvatore brothers. Stephen and Caroline get married publicly in an attempt to lure her out of hiding. After gaining control over hell, she orchestrates a Donovan family reunion convincing Vicky to ring the bell for a peaceful, non- fiery afterlife.