The Black List: Sunday, February 12- Saturday, February 25, 2017

***Spoiler Alert: This piece contains information about the plot and narratives from episodes aired within the last two weeks of television.***

24: Legacy

Former CTU Director Rebecca Ingram continues to investigate the leak of the army rangers new identities and locations. Eric Carter’a rogue squad mate Ben loses the list of sleeper cells to the extremists. Nicole saves Isaac from being set up and killed during a deal. We finally learn Rebecca’s father-in-law leaked the information about the rangers to the terrorists. John lets Rebecca know that his campaign manager Nina is innocent, but fails to tell her his father is the leak.


The Breaks

Set in the 1990s Hip Hop scene in New York City. No one ever wants to hear Hip Hop, except for the three kids- Nikki, DeeVee and David. Nikki, promoted to Barry Fouray’s assistant, works to keep him happy by tending to his every need but struggles to find her place in the office. The record DeeVee produced with Ahm’s freestyle makes it on the radio. DeeVee gets arrested after police suspect he is Ahm’s murder accomplice. Nikki calls Juggy, her boyfriend David’s father, for help getting him out of jail. Barry tries to sign Ahm, but Ahm declines calling Barry a “middleman.” Barry decides to start his own label.


Being Mary Jane

Nicey spends her settlement money on a car for Donte. Reality strikes once she is ordered to return the money after getting into a fight at the club. Mary Jane returns home to Atlanta to work on a tribute for Thurgood Marshall. Our favorite Black British unicorn Lee makes a surprise visit and learns about black southern culture from MJ’s family. Mary Jane realizes that Lee loves her after defending her honor. Helen sings blues for the first time in decades.



After one of Dre’s friends passes away, he attempts to save his friends and family from the hood. Bow becomes irritated with Dre’s newly generous spirit.

A hesitant Dre serves on jury duty. After finding out the defendant is black, he makes it his mission to assure he he gets a fair trial. Bow allows the kids to curse openly as an attempt to get to know them better.



Derek considers a plea deal after the police arrested him during the protest. The group holds a fundraiser to get him released on bail. Hunter slaps Star in an argument. Jahil adds Eva to the group and Star quits. Carlotta struggles to reconcile with Cotton after finding out she moved out of the house. The police arrest Carlotta for the murder of Otis, Simone’s foster father. We still do not know who killed Otis.



Cyrus is imprisoned at the same facility as Tom for President-Elect Francisco Vargas’ murder. Abby undermines Fitz authority by trying to convince the Attorney General David Rosen to take the death penalty off the table in Cyrus’ case. Fitz confronts her. Olivia and Mellie’s celebration over securing the oval are put to a halt after The Gladiators discover Tom and Cyrus are both innocent. Huck develops a romantic interest in one of the clients.


How To Get Away With Murder

After being released on bail, Annalise waged war against the District Attorney’s Office. Laurel hires a private investigator to uncover the Mahone’s involvement in Wes’s murder. Michaela struggles to keep the group together. Asher tells Michaela he loves her.  Connor tells the group that he was at the Keating house the night of the murder. Annalise convinces the DA to drop all charges against her. Laurel, seeking to uncover the mystery behind Wes’ murder, runs into an old family friend. We find out Laurel’s father hired him to kill Wes.