The Tale of Heroes and Villains: Sunday, February 5- Saturday, February 18, 2017

Legion/ FX
Legion/ FX

***Spoiler Alert: This piece contains information about the plot and narratives from episodes aired within the last two weeks of television.***

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Clary learns Valentine plans on using the soul sword to wipe out downworlders after visiting the Iron Sisters with Isabel. She also meets Luke’s sister… who turns about to be a loyal member of the circle. Jace leaves the institute, but not by choice. He and Clary save an angel that Valentine tortured to activate the soul sword. After freeing the angel, he gives them a vision of the sword’s power. Alec and Magnus learn more about each other growing closer together. Simon goes out on a date with Maya.

The Flash

Barry continues to train Wally in an attempt to save Iris from being killed by Savitar in the near future. Iris finally tells Joe. A meta human with powers from Dr. Alchemy surfaces and goes after detectives from Flashpoint. He almost kills Iris. Caitlin uses her power to buy her some time. Cisco learns more about his powers after interacting with another meta human with the same powers as him. 

Marvel’s Agents of Shield 

Shield agents search to save a tortured and bruised Director Mace and the real Agent May. Anton Ivanov lures Agent Coulson for a revenge plan based on a mission many years ago. Coulson tells Ivanov he barely remembers him or the mission. Daisy/ Quake leaves Anton buried under concrete after they fight. The mission appears somewhat successful as the team brings a badly beaten Mace to the jet, but without Agent May. In the end, Futz and Jemma discover that the rest of their team has been replaced by LMDs during the mission. Coulson’s replacement reactivates May’s decoy. 

The Magicians 

Alice is niffins out while casting a spell to kill the beast and Quinten is severely injured. On top of that, the beast wasn’t the group’s only problem. Magic is dying in Fillory, meaning it’s dying everywhere. The group must figure out how to restore magic to Fillory before it’s too late. Julia finds Katey in a drug house and enlists her in a mission to kill Raynard the Fox. Marina is a dead but left a message for Julia. Elliot is still struggling to adjust as high king. Quinten and Penny go to capture the white lady in hopes of bringing Alice back to life and healing Penny’s hands. She cannot bring Alice back, but a hopeless Quinten instead asked to be returned to Earth. 

The 100

Keeping Roan in power is becoming more difficult as multiple people hope to challenge his authority. Clarke, Raven and Bellamy continue to plan for survival before the radiation kills everyone. None of their attempts at finding alternatives have panned out. With only two months left, they can only save a hundred people from Arcadia. A new flame keeper returns to fulfill her mission and find the next night blood. Octavia learns that she is Indra’s daughter and helps her. After Luna travels to Arcadia for help, badly exposed to radiation and on the verge of death, her night- blood reverses the effects. 


David Haller lived in a mental institution after he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After a terrible incident m involving a man, referred to as the “devil with yellow eyes” he’s tracked down by a government organization hunting mutants called Division 3. David is saved by other mutants who inform him that his telepathic abilities are not a mental illness. At the facility, he does memory work and other forms of therapy. He learns of an ongoing war between Division 3 and the mutants. Division 3 goes after David’s sister as bait to get to him.

The Vampire Diaries 

After Bonnie injects Stephen with the cure, he’s plagued with memories of his actions. Stephen’s humanity relinquishes the both Damon and Stephen from their deal with Cade. Bonnie attempts to reach out to Enzo in order to find away to bring him back to life. Stephen’s victims began remembering what happened to them. Kai is back from hell.