The 100 Returns to CW Feb. 1, Check Out the New Trailer!

The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama “The 100” returns Wednesday, Feb. 1 after being renewed for a fourth season back in March.

Fans of the prime time dystopia can expect more war, death, romance and another threat to a civilization that already ended 97 years before the show began. This time it’s nuclear radiation, again. Of course, the grounders are feuding with Skaikru again.

Those still living out of the 100 juvenile prisoners sent to Earth in the first season cannot catch a break and neither can Clarke who is stuck playing hero all the time. She can never catch a break  whether it’s saving the world, her friendships, or even her love life.

Another storyline to look forward to is Octavia’s after losing her love interest Lincoln. Lincoln was a fan favorite. It will be hard to watch a season without him, but now we have to witness Octavia cope. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s out for vengeance this season.

The fourth season will have 13 episodes.

The newest trailer definitely looks interesting. Check it out:

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