Jhené Aiko, Wild Sex, and A Mental Asylum

Jhené Aiko just released the eerie new music video for her latest single “Maniac” Friday.

Moments after watching, I just sat with it. Slightly triggering, creative and unpredictable are all words I’d use to describe the visual elements of the video credited to Jhené and Los Angeles director Topshelf Junior.

Footage shot of Jhené captures the irony of her lyrics creating the association between sex and mental asylums. For the majority of the video, there is nothing sexual presented at all.

Instead, I found it rather intriguing in the most uncomfortable way. I began processing the video on a two-hour bus ride, thinking about sex, feeling “crazy,” impure, and repressed.

The visuals of Jhené strapped to a chair captured the insecurities in my mind while still inviting to engage with the video through the lyrics. It was wild.

I still have some unresolved feelings about it. What did you think? Did you like it?

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