Sweet Acapella

This is an ode to poetry.
This is an ode to poetry.
This is an ode to poe-try…
Poetry, I don’t think you understand. Your essence is the best thing I ever had. And you came right when I needed love. Like Jazzmine Sullivan I need you bad. I know I’m quoting Drake and LL Cool J but I’d probably get the chance to quote Tupac and Kanye in the next poem. Poetry, you have made me feel right, right at home.
And honestly, I feel like ever since I met you my life has felt like one big love song- not including Taylor Swift but the Kings and the Queens of Spoken Word or Spoken Words like Oye, Alida,  Alysia who performed “That Girl,” Zora Howard, Justin Lamb, TreG, Laura Yes! Yes!, Dasha Kelly, Dan Vaughn and Cuban. I want to be like those poets and live in their world. I never heard anyone speak so many wonderful words before. They wonder why I love you.
Poetry, you inspire me. Listen. Who was there when I was falling out? Who was there when my uncle died? What about that first kiss? I was fourteen, you know. You were there when I got teased for wearing FuBu, when I sucked at everything else and when I peed my pants one day in middle school. It was you.
If faith is the substance of all things hoped for, fear is the succubus gulping it up. Silence is thine enemy. It keeps away high levels of blood pressure but true beauty in words is the everlasting structure in life. Nerves relay signals to my brain. Adrenalin keeps me saying the things  that keep me sane.
Your words are my crush and when it’s spoken it’s my love. There comes a time in one’s life when he hasn’t had enough and his speech slurs like dyslexia and he starts to speak backwards calling the words back to his mouth because your words are my crush and when they’re spoken it’s my love.
Poetry, this an ode to you.
Remember the letters I wrote to you.
Signed to my Sweet Acapella.

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