This Generation

Young minds get deep,
but some lost souls find themselves
steep within a lifestyle they wish they
didn’t have.
I don’t claim a lost generation,
but many are bound between the
chains of conformity.
They say the young have no voice,
but I have a choice
and I demand my individuality.
No one can replace
the original, author, the creator, an innovator.
You just keep doin’ you and I’ll do me
now and forever.
See a lot of us can talk the talk,
but let’s see who can walk the walk.
“So if you are what you say you are,
a superstar, have no fear.”
The crowd is here.
We have to show for ourselves.

I have needs and I need to succeed.
It’s all I live and breathe.
Don’t tell me what I can’t do!
The artist sees raw uncut potential.
I’m a poet, so influential.
Far from a romantic-
A true artist can portray their twist of reality
enticed by life’s expressions.
Words that feed and enrich the souls
everyday and night.
This is a passion; an optical vision.
Look through the scopes of humanity.
Without individuality,
the world would be deprived of its sanity.
And no one cares, because it’s just the way things go,
but I refuse to go with the flow.

In the end,
legacy is all that really matters.
Don’t let society be torn and tattered apart.
Right now we need to start to bring it together.
There is no confusion.
Your voice counts.
With every fiber of your being, be original
-Irreplaceable, pure talent, uncontainable.
You and I, this is our stage.
We refuse to claim a lost generation.
Instead this generation, we own.
Our voices will be shown.

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