Desolate Wasteland

Have you ever felt alone or by yourself

like on stage where everyone is watching?

You can’t even begin to start speaking,

let alone even breathe.

It’s like you’re dying.

Desolate wasteland.

Silence never felt so refreshing.

It’s almost like you are drowning in quicksand.

This is for the boy trapped in his own inner body experience

because he can’t seem to get out himself.

Cracking under pressure is not an option.

Dreams are not an option.

Hope is not a viable option.

Passion is not a realistic approach.

I’m sure his father meant well when he said

you can suppress anything,

even your own personality if you didn’t like it.

Who said I didn’t like it?

I never tried to fight it.

The thought of winning is harder than losing.

Naivety should not be an excuse for self sabotage.

He’s been led astray.

He is a boy who has been searching for an anchor.

Trapped in his own desolate surroundings.

Drowning in fear.

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